Frank Sherry

The Devil’s Captain

Born to sail the high seas, young Englishman Bart Roberts shipped aboard the merchant trader Princess bound for the dark continent of Africa. But Roberts was headed for another destiny that began when his vessel was waylaid by cruel freebooters off the Guinea Coast. His sword spilling pirate blood on the well-worn decks, Roberts fought furiously until the brigands overran his ship, killing the captain and forcing him to become part of their crew. But he learned the buccaneer craft faster than most and soon he was captain of the Royal Fortune,and flying the black flag as the scourge of the Atlantic. His Majesty’s warships, no match for the twenty-four pounders and nimble speed of his ship, “Black” Bart sailed south to the Caribbean, preying upon treasure-laden galleons headed back from the New World. But when dreaded Don Esteban, commander of the Spanish fleet off Hispaniola, planned to attack the island of Nassau, the commander of the Royal Navy turned to Black Bart Roberts, the man he called “the Devil’s Captain” with a bold plan of treachery that ended in a great sea battle that left the sea red with Spanish blood.

Historical fiction.
The lost warriors settle in a foreign land and call their new home "Arkadia."
A modern tale of one man's political disappointment, personal disintegration, self-denial, spiritual demise, denigration, delusion, despair, redemption and rebirth.
Take a crash course in handling the brain: journey the realm of evil with Basil as he’s pursued by his once-loyal companions, Carna and Vijeelis.
When a failed writer learns his brother is dying, he embarks on a spiritual quest into his childhood where he must confront his demons and reconcile with his past.
The Pucka-man’s Odyssey is a fast-paced tale of murder, myth, magic, slavery—and piracy—in 18th century. The tale is set in Ireland, Africa, the Caribbean, and America.
Simon Spicer is a lonely, melancholy professor in Maine. A widower, he was once a talented poet but writes no more. At the age of thirty-five, he just exists, aged beyond his years by disappointment. Spice is unaware of the physical and mental properties that set him apart from his fellows and fit him for a bizarre mission—but he will soon find out.
1. Non-Fiction
The most authoritative account of the rise and fall of the real "raiders and rebels" who terrorized the seas from 1692 to 1725.
3. Non-Fiction
The European struggle for power in the great ocean in the age of exploration.
2. Fiction
The adventures of “Black Bart” Roberts the most dreaded pirate ever to sail the high seas!